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Energy Healing Courses

Many people are aware, sometimes unconsciously, of the subtle energies of others. The Energy Healing course teaches how to expand this awareness to consciously sense and rebalance energy to facilitate a healing process.

students relaxing during a course at the Hayloft

The syllabus also covers basic anatomy and physiology, spiritual philosophy, some psychological understanding and listening skills, and students are also taught how to meditate and to develop this skill.

Under the heading of spiritual philosophy, as presented by Alice Bailey, the course considers the psychological causes of disease, the constitution of the human being, the laws and rules of healing, and the processes of death, among other matters.

The course is divided into four parts, each one occupying a minimum of 30 hours over a series of weekends, or sometimes in one group of four days. All four parts are spread over a period of at least 18 months in order to give time for practice, reading, study and meditation, as well as absorption.

More than 50 per cent of the course is practical ‘sensing’ work, so participants will receive as well as give healing, and some personal healing may take place.

Previous students say that the course has benefited their lives in many ways. (See student feedback.)

Each teacher has been fully trained by the INEH and follows a common core curriculum, as well as being an experienced practitioner of Energy Healing.

For more information, contact any of the course teachers, see the courses list below for the UK.

Scheduled Courses


Courses currently arranged :-

  • Course 1: Dinah Lawson - starting 2/3 March 2013 in Hampshire
  • Course 2: Dinah Lawson - starting 7/8 September 2013 in Hampshire
  • Course 3: Dinah Lawson - starting 1/2 March 2014 in Hampshire
  • Course 4: Dinah Lawson - starting 13/14 September 2014 in Hampshire

Contact Dinah Lawson

  • Course 1: Helen Frankland - starting 10th November 2013 in Herfordshire
  • Course 2: Helen Frankland - starting 4th May 2014 in Hertfordshire

Contact Helen Frankland

  • Deepening Course Helen Loxton -Sunday 9th November and Sunday 23rd November 2014 in South Devon

Contact Helen Loxton

Introduction to Energy Healing - an afternoon talk - Saturday 18th October 1.30pm in Haworth, Yorkshire Contact Mary Clark

Introduction to Energy Healing - a free afternoon talk - Saturday 15th November 2.30pm 2014 in Emsworth, Hampshire

  • Course 1: starting - March 2015 contact Dinah Lawson as above

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