This Network, whose keynote is World Service, is non-sectarian, non-political and international in its thinking. It recognises Life as the primary source of power. We can channel this energy for healing and when this takes place Spirit, Soul and Body integrate to become ‘whole’.


To facilitate Esoteric Healing
To help anchor spiritual science in human consciousness
To assist the Plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy for humanity
To encourage group work on inner and outer levels
To recognise the need for ongoing self-healing and growth
To link up and work with practitioners in the various medical healing arts and sciences, acknowledging the value of diversity
To share the understanding of esoteric anatomy and the esoteric causes and prevention of disease
To provide seminars and practical training in the principles of Esoteric Healing in the subtle energy field and its integration into everyday life
To develop our international network of healers, teachers and servers to support each other and further the above aims

The INEH is a Registered Charity (No.1032492) with the stated objective: “To preserve and protect good health and relieve sickness by advancing the knowledge, practice and expertise of Esoteric Healing through education, teacher training and other lawfully charitable means”.