In the First Edition (1986) we read from the Editorial:

At a teacher’s gathering on a winter’s day last summer Netta Wells suggested that two or three innocent folk should produce an occasional Newsletter or Journal to link the many members of the ‘nettawork’ worldwide together. It seemed a good idea in view of the increasing amount of correspondence and ideas flowing in from an ever widening network which we all benefit from and enjoy. We thought that a Journal could be an extension of all the work in communication which dear Brenda has so valiantly performed since her founding of the IHRN (International Health Research Network, later to become the INEH).

It was decided, during the Park Place reunion in November 1985, to go ahead with this idea and we asked for contributions. This embryonic issue is the result. It is our intention that “The Esoteric Healer” should be a means of sharing, strengthening, and anchoring the work of our group – an information channel and focus of attention for the research aspects of our network.