What is Esoteric Healing? ‘Healing’ means ‘to make whole’ Esoteric Healing is about making whole at every level, not just physically. It helps to contact your higher purpose or ‘true self’ and bring this into harmony with everyday life. An Esoteric Healing practitioner helps you to do this for yourself.

How Does it Work? Many people, seeking to alleviate suffering through contact healing, become aware of an energy field surrounding someone before they actually contact the body. The existence of this energy field has been scientifically proven and it is this etheric field that vitalises the physical body and reflects the person’s more subtle energies such as emotions and thoughts.

Through years of observation and study the members of the International Network of Esoteric Healing have built up a Science of Healing in the Energy Field (Esoteric Healing). This has proved to be a very effective method of treatment. In a healthy person the energy field is evenly balanced and harmonious. Healers learn to sensitise their hands to attune to and scan this field. Any imbalance and disharmony can be restored by ‘holding’ areas in need, allowing the person’s subtle energies and soul life to flow through and restore balance. The healer does not have to touch the person at all.

Am I required to do anything? You are asked to sit on a chair or lie on a couch, fully clothed and to relax as much as possible. If you like, you can visualise yourself floating easily in warm water as if bathed in your own energy field. You may prefer to sense your ‘higher self’ like the sun and allow its warmth to shine into every cell of your body. If you don’t like visualising you can just ‘be’! Working in the energy field often produces a feeling of deep relaxation so it is not difficult to sit or lie still and remain comfortable for the twenty or so minutes that are required.

How will I feel? Some people feel nothing – others feel light movements. Sometimes the effect of the treatment is felt immediately but more frequently an effect is not observed until later. We suggest that you spend the rest of the day quietly if possible, especially the period immediately after the healing session. Our energy field is influenced by our mental and emotional states and working in this field may produce an effect in these areas. We ask you to give some quiet time to consider the thoughts, memories and feelings that may come to the surface of the mind in the days following treatment

Do I need faith? No, this is not ‘faith’ healing. We have observed help being received by some very sceptical people! Obviously if a person is open-minded they are more likely to be responsive than one who resists any help. We, as a group, are spiritually oriented but non-sectarian.

Does Esoteric Healing work for everyone? Many find that an inner change occurs which helps to make their problems more easily bearable. It has been found to help many types of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems. Some people experience a complete remission of symptoms; others experience various degrees of help. Nearly everyone seems to obtain some benefit, but this does not always mean a healing of the physical body.

Clinics and Courses for Esoteric Healing: Trained practitioners and teachers of the International Network of Esoteric Healing hold clinics and courses in many areas in Britain and in over 20 countries worldwide. Further details can be obtained from our website www.ineh.org

Registered Office: The Hayloft, Palmers Road, Emsworth, Hants, PO10 7DL Registered Charity No: 1032492

“Esotericism is the art of ‘bringing down to earth’ those energies which emanate from the highest sources and there ‘grounding them’ or anchoring them.” Education in the New Age by Alice Bailey